DonGamers offers you to win unlimited DonGems and DonCoins through Mystery Box. To win rewards from Mystery Box, you need to participate in single-player daily and weekly matches, through which you can earn tickets and the user with the highest number of tickets will get a chance to win Mystery Box. The winner is announced after every 24 hours as it is a 24 hours process feature.


Step 1

Play single player games and earn tickets

Step 2

Earn more tickets and stay on the top of leaderboard

Step 3

Maintain First Position On Leaderboard And Win Mystery Box

Step 4

Earn Different Rewards From Mystery Box It May Be Gems Coins Etc


To earn the daily or weekly mystery box prize, follow the given rules and direct your way to claim the prize.

  1. Play single-player games that include Stack, Ball collector, Don Runner, Maze escape, Infinity Ball Drop, and many more.
  2. Each time you play any of the above-mentioned games, a ticket is generated.
  3. The total count of your tickets will decide whether you win the daily/ weekly mystery box or not.
  4. If you managed to stay on top of the mystery box leaderboard, then you will be worthy to claim the prize.