Download the DonGamers app on your Android mobile to enter the tournaments and win exciting prizes and redeemable cash rewards. Play games you love and earn rewards for playing. Play and collect DonCoins and DonGems. The longer you play the more you earn. Redeem your Don coins and earn rewards

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Exclusive tournaments are where you can enter through DonGems to play and get a chance to win redeemable DonCoins by getting on the top ranking in the daily & weekly leaderboard.

In competitive tournaments, you can play battle royale games on DonGamers App and win cash rewards on every match. Competitive games include Pubg, Call of duty, Free fire, and many more.

· Joining a tournament is simple, in our app,

· Open games section

· Tap tournaments

· Choose from exclusive and competitive tournaments

· Select the game and join the tournament.

· The entry fee in each tournament is more than 50 DonGems.


The rules are to be followed restrictedly by each player, any type of unauthorized and illegal gameplay is discouraged.

Gems will be deducted as an entry fee for exclusive tournaments. The entry fee could be up to 200-300 Gems. To enter an exclusive tournament you must have gems, as without gems you wouldn’t be able to participate. You can play unlimited matches in one tournament. The prize pool is up to 10K. Accumulated DonCoins will be added to the scoreboard on each game. The highest scorer will win the prize.

The competitive tournaments require no entry fee and the prize pool is up to 500 DonCoins.