We all are well aware of a new form of sports in this era, E-Sports; gaming competitions through video games. As per a rough estimate, there are almost 2.8 Billion gamers in the world. According to Statista, Asia Pacific alone has almost 1.521 billion gamers.


More than 10,000 games are developed and launched in the market each year (newzoo). All these games have different levels, credits, and benefits within the game for the gamers to achieve. Many platforms have come up with E-Sports competitions sponsored via brands or gaming companies where multiple players are invited to play competitions on various games. But it still doesn’t provide a regular opportunity for the gamers to earn.


2020 has been a life-changing year for the whole world. Covid-19 pandemic struck the world and was there to stay. As many people lost their jobs and businesses, many creative minds around the globe came up with unique ideas for the world to offer.


DonGamers was one of them. Founder and CEO, Marish Shah while playing his games during the lockdown in 2020 came up with an exceptional idea. Marish realized that like him, many other came back to their favorite activities/hobbies during the stay-home period in the pandemic, gaming is one of them.


WeForum mentioned that in 2020, there was a surge of around 4 times in the global gaming market from 2019. Marish saw this as an opportunity as well as a huge gap between the gaming industry and gamers. The gaming industry was booming exceptionally while gamers were hardly getting something tangible and beneficial out of it regardless of investing their hours and passion into gaming. To bridge this gap, the idea of DonGamers came into being.  It is the ultimate gaming platform with over 50+ exciting games in different categories that not only provide a one-stop space for all-time gamers but provide an opportunity to earn real money through gaming skills. DonGamers is proud to be the only gamble-free app in the market.


DonGamers app is a result of continuous growth and improvisations. The idea started as a Youtube channel, which turned into a Facebook community. Upon receiving appreciation for the idea, Marish along with his few teammates built a simpler version of the App. Fortunately, the idea was warmly received and DonGamers was a success even in its pre-launch state.

DonGamers is now successfully making its mark around the globe. A global version of the app was launched earlier this month on and is all set to launch on app stores soon.


Salient features of DonGamers app includes an easy one-step sign-up, exclusive games by DonGamers & a platform for solo and squad matches for the top battle royale games such as PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite and Freefire, different levels of tournaments, and a feature to manage tournaments exclusively for the gamers as per their requirement. All these games and tournaments have rewards for the winners in Cash and redeemable DonCoins.


DonGamers have integrated international payment gateways for easy withdrawal and payments within the in-app wallet for gamers such as PayPal, Skrill, Paytm, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, Bank Account, and many more.


The features are countless and continual as per the demand. The vision of DonGamers is to empower and connect gamers around the globe through global social media exclusively for gamers.


The passionate team under the direction of the visionary CEO is all set to bring a drastic shift in the gaming industry for gamers.

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