In an auction/contest, you need to quote your highest number of DonGems. The top position will get a chance to win a pack of DonCoins. It is an auction valid for up to 24 hours. You need to put in a minimum of 500 DonGems and the user with the highest number of auctions will get a chance to win a pack of DonCoins.   


Step 1

Click On Gems Button

Step 2

Select Amount To Bid

Step 3

Bid More Amount To Win Big

Step 4

Place Highest Bid And Win Doncoins


You can put your DonGems for auction by following these simple rules.

  1. Log in to our Dongamers app.
  2. Click on your gems and enter the contest.
  3. You can auction the required gems and get a pack of coins as a reward. The highest gem quote by any user will be the winner of the contest. The minimum limit to quote your gems is 500 gems. You can quote your gems multiple times for 24 hours. The quotation is refundable unless you are a winner of daily contest.