Ever considered turning your passion into a full-time gaming career? Thinking about how to start a gaming career in the industry?

Well, you are in the right era, the billion-dollar gaming industry (Newzoo) now has created many gaming career options in the technical and creative departments of the field. The endless possibilities are there if you have the commitment and passion to become a part of the video games world.
Here we have shortlisted a few top gaming careers from the tech and creative sides for you.

Games Designer

Can you not stop imagining ideas for video games? Do you want any game that is still not there in the market? If yes, then video game designer is the right career for you. As a video game designer, it will be your job to script your ideas into a storyline, create characters and concepts of the game, write the scenarios and work along with the creative designers, animators and developers to bring the idea into reality.

You will be an integral part of the whole game production process while your imagination converts into a video game.

Software Developer and Game Programmer

Are you all about coding and programming? Become a software developer or a computer programmer. This is the technical side of video game development where you will use programming languages and engines to create and enhance gameplay.
As a developer you will design software to make games work like how designers have planned, programmers will create codes that will solve problems in the games and turn the idea into reality by creating instructions that the video game system can read. For this job, you do courses/degrees on software development and gain an in-depth understanding of theory, designs, and practical skills. Start your gaming career now and check out the top universities right here.

Audio Engineer

Sound has become an integral part of the video gaming experience. The feel of the game changes altogether with the right kind of sound in it. Ever wondered what goes behind all those multiple types of music, sound effects in the games?

That’s a job for a Sound Engineer. In this role as a sound engineer for a video game, you will use a computer and electrical sound equipment to create the right mix of sound effects, theme sound and music for the game. This enhances the gaming experience for the gamer.
From changing it from scene to scene, the voiceovers, instructions, or special effect sounds, it’s the job for Sound engineers.

There are degrees and courses available for creative media to get the right expertise for this field. Here is a quick list.

Games Animator

We all have heard the word animations so often. Yes, but this is a critical deal in the video games production process. Animators are the ones who will bring the game characters into life as per the imagination of the game designer. They create a series of pictures depicting the visual movement, motion, and behavior of the characters in the games. If you have passion and interest in animations, this is the right place for you. Nowadays, the animation is an integral part of video gaming.

Games Artist

Do you love art and thinking of taking your gaming career to the next level? Join the gaming industry as a Games artist, where you will create scenes, characters and surfaces with your imagination and creative skills as per the game concept to make it look as realistic and attractive as possible.

You can do art & design courses and degrees to get the right expertise and education for this particular job. Start your search from here.

Interpreters and Translators

This is relatively a new field in the gaming industry. This is an emerging need of the time as video games have gone digital and global. As an interpreter or translator, you will be translating game instructions, voiceovers, and dialogues into multiple languages as your language skillsets for relative regions.

There are plenty of universities and academies that teach language courses for this purpose.

Game Play Tester

Alright, here comes the most interesting job in the gaming industry. A video game tester is exciting but it’s not as simple as it sounds. You need to have a sharp eye, focus on quality assurance, and problem-solving skills for this. The job is to play the games and explore them thoroughly as a gamer and look for bugs and errors in the games, gameplay, etc. The responsible person will make sure the instructions and documentation are clear for the user. A detailed report shall be provided to the developers for issues.

Professional Gamer

Well yes! You can be a gamer and you can be a “Professional gamer” to create a living out of your gaming skills. You can play and earn sponsored matches and games and win the rewards like how athletes do in sports. Its like you will be like a digital athlete of E-sports, interesting!
This can go a long way, you can create your Youtube channel that can be monetized or build social media platforms around this skill and get an audience that will get you sponsorships of brands, etc.
And if not that, or you want to retire from it and you are still interested in gaming but want to earn some extra money, join DonGamers and earn money on more than 50+ games, play solo or with teams, get into tournaments or multiple contests and enjoy while you earn some cash.

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