The Next Generation Innovation: NFT

The hype around cryptocurrency is spreading across the globe with the next generation of tech innovations such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance. However, NFT has secured a demanding position in the market due to its value

NFT/Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs or Non-Fungible tokens are basically tokens representing ownership of unique and specific limited goods. It can also be described as owning something which is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced. These can be collectibles, avatars, or rare items in a particular game

Did you know that NFT games can also be an opportunity for you to earn in real-time?

It sounds unrealistic but at the same time, totally believable. The mechanics of the game determine how much money you can gain while playing. Other players can pay you money in order to have the NFTs you earn in a game. The products can be sold at a market or auction house to make a profit.

The new crypto paradigm allows people to spend money in the blockchain game to secure NFT products in NFT wallets or inventory. You can store the products and as their demand increases, you can sell them for real money.

NFT brings added benefits of:

  • Enhanced gameplay: NFT gaming has the tendency to enhance the value of gameplay as it provides a gamer with sole ownership of an in-game item and he/she has the choice to sell, trade or hold onto it.
  • Profit through NFTs: Serious gamers are used to buying in-game items through microtransactions and seasonal passes. NFT places more power into their hands by also allowing them to sell the items which means they can also earn by resales.
  • Control of games: The key to the success of many games is modifications and customizations, NFT can give the creators a chance to customize their favorite games and sell them on a marketplace.
  • Virtual economy: Having an internal economy can be positive and the rise of play-to-earn games can be an amazing addition. NFT’s increase in demand can lead to having its own special economy.
  • Ownership of products: NFTs allow players to take ownership of the in-game items that belong to game publishers. Items bought and earned on the NFT blockchain can be used across games.
  • The real-world X the virtual world: NFTs will be the missing dot that connects the real world to gaming through a metaverse. The metaverse is already happening and the NFTs can just make it easier and faster.
  • In-game items to real-life items: NFTs are bridging the gap between the real world and virtual reality by bringing more life and relatability. How is that? The value of in-game wearables can go up in value resulting in clothes and goods to be extracted from games and made physical/real. It could mean having a real rare shirt as an item you can wear.
  • Semi ownership of games: The NFT platform ‘GameStarter’ allows developers to fund their games through pre-sale in-game items through NFTs. It provides gamers with the opportunity to pick a game, fund it and take ownership of a portion of the game.
  • Exclusive access: Purchasing NFTs of a game could be used as a token to access exclusive in-game events.

For many, NFT is still a risky and complex, but it has become 2022 global trend where developers and publishers can’t ignore it. The impact of this innovative technology is not only art and digital assets, but it also opens plethora of opportunities for create secure and flexible gaming sector. DonGamers is one of those few who are exploring the wide dimensions of gaming market and industry and bring new and exciting games to its users.

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