From new adventures to new faces and endless battlegrounds, games capture the hearts of millions of users across the world. The evolutions of gaming continue to swift and marvel the beholder. It not only brings gamers across the world together but creates a new community for Gen Z for social interaction. This rapid, yet impressive jump of industry put a lot of pressure on the game giants to not only satisfy the gamer’s curiosity but keep them engaging in the games as well. The major game industry giants such as Twitch, Nintendo, Epic, and Activision- are always looking for new ways to revolutionize the games.

The contemporary battle royale games such as PUBG, COD, FORTNITE, and FREE FIRE hold a massive following globally and thus we bring all the upcoming updates from these battleground games.


Call of Duty: Vangaurd is ready to launch in November. Based on the scenes of World War II, Call of duty: Vanguard will talk the players to the combats of great scenes of war, from Europe to North Africa, the eastern front and the pacific.

One of the biggest attractions of Call of duty: Vanguard is that it will take the players into the dusts of the battle fields of the World War II. Game Director Josh Bridge said that “its not about its diverse locations, but about the people”. They are providing gamers an opportunity across both single and multiplayer to witness theatrical experience of the battles from war through the eyes of people who have actually fought in WWII.

Furthermore, a new feature called ‘blind fire’ mechanic will be launched in multiplayer, which will allow players to fire from behind cover without looking.

Call of duty: Vangaurd Beta is out there for players to check out, this pre-launch limited version is crucial for them to gain all the feedback before its official launch on 5th November.


PUBG has been the most popular games in battle field genre without a doubt and as we were expecting, it has come up with a swing of additions and updates to the game.

With their update 13.2, a new weapon, the P90 SMG which can only be found in a Care Package has been introduced with everything a player can need i.e. a Cheek Pad, Handguard, Laser, and Silencer.

Additionally on Taego, a new vehicle is added that is based on a real life Hyundai Motor Company’s commercial truck in the form of Porter truck that is the only vehicle with trunk that will allow to load it with items and up to 4 passengers.

A new blue zone grenade is out that can fire up a whole group of enemies from a nearby building. With this grenade a blue zone that stretches up to 10 meters in 5 seconds and damages anything that comes within it and then disappears in the next 5 seconds.

Furthermore, a casual mode for less intense matches, multiple weather options and some rebalancing in the Blue zone has also been added in their latest version to keep the excitement up for players to the game.


With over billion downloads on the Google playstore only, Freefire is the most downloaded battle royale game on android.

With their successful testing, Free Fire is all set to launch their latest update OB30. Here’s what you need to know about their latest updates.

Free Fire OB30 update:

The latest update is introducing new guns – Treatment shotgun and Treatment Sniper. They are also featuring a new pet Called Agent Hop with a new bouncing bonus. Its also bringing a new Buzzer Beat with a ability to recover HP in the game while the player is in combat with other players. Some are speculating that another exciting character is coming that will spot the enemy within 25-50 meters called Memory Mist.

Free Fire is gaining the popularity with its interesting characters, their exclusive skins and a variety of combat accessories on different battle grounds. They sure know how to keep their users engaged.



Fortnite is providing a chance to be you with their new Digital fashion inspired by genuine archival looks from the leading fashion house Balenciaga in a variety of items such as outfits, fit back blings, sprays, and much more. Launched on 20th September, various characters like Ramirez, Doggo and many others can now customize themselves with new Balenciaga Fit Set.

Here is a quick list of the items arriving in the shop:


Ramirez’s unchained Outfit, Shady Doggo Outfit, Runway ready Banshee Outfit, a retro style Game Knight Outfit.

Not only this, another exciting news for fashion lovers, that a real-life Fortnite X Balenciaga collection is live on selected Balenciaga stores worldwide and on their website www.balenciaga.com.

A variety of designer back packs has also been introduced from low profile to highly fashionable designs to choose from. Along with that, a variety of other items such as sneaker Pickaze, Parasail purse glider, signature look wrap are also launched.

Fortnite is also providing an opportunity to the players to showcase their style on Strange Times Featured Hub constructs a virtual Balenciaga store in line with real ones. More details on Fortnite.

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