Want Some Extra Money? Start Playing These Games.

Are you a passionate player who loves to spend your spare time playing mobile games? If so, you are surely missing out on the opportunity to earn extra cash.
In this article, we are adding some information on what and how to play some games to earn money.
Even if you usually play games as a hobby but want to make it a lucrative one. You should try the following games and apps that are legit and pays real money.
Real Money Paying Games

Real Money Paying Games 

Papaya Games

Papaya games” is one of the platforms for mobile gaming to earn money. This platform includes games that are fun and easy to play and you can earn some good cash while having a good time.

Bingo Cash

Bingo cash is a game brought to you by papaya games, a game of luck that can be a game of skills. Bingo has been a worthy game for a long time and can be played anywhere anytime. Bingo organizes matches between players worldwide. You can play Bingo cash, free but winning real money will necessitate a cash investment. The distinction is that each Match is between two players, as opposed to a whole group at your local fire station

Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash practice rounds are free to play anywhere in the world, and most players can continue playing with real money when they are ready. The App will teach you the skills needed to win. Practicing low-stakes rounds can help you discover new strategies to maximize your points.

This App allows its users to make transactions securely through PayPal.

Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is a unique game as you do a lot more than just play. You can explore the globe as an avatar. When you make your first two cash deposits of at least $2 each, put the blackout promo code 2PlayFree to get $15 as extra money.


Swagbucks is one of the sites for earning cash back on purchases, online surveys, and job fulfillment.

They also pay you for playing phone games, thanks to their association with GSN Gaming.

When you complete certain activities, you can earn Swag Bucks (SB) points by playing games.


Qriket is one of the mobile gaming apps that will pay you to play games on it. A spinning wheel game can earn you money. You can win from 5

cents to up to $10 by just spinning a wheel. You can make a transaction via PayPal once you have $25 in your account. Qriket also offers the opportunity to win real-time cash rewards.

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