New PUBG Mobile Cheats

PUBG or player unknowns Battlegrounds is a game where 100 players battle to survive. You fight with your enemies and collect in-game incentives. The map narrows with time, and the last person wins the Battle.

If you are a passionate PUBG gamer and want to quit being a newb by being an expert at all the cheating hacks, then you’ve come to the right article. Some gamers get the advantage of these vulnerabilities to release software on PUBG mobile UC cheats sites.

Installing this software on your mobile or PC allows the player to use these cheating hacks and play PUBG like a pro. Let’s examine these cheating hacks.
You can benefit from such software by installing them on your PC or mobile. That way, you see your enemy highlighted in a rectangle, even if hidden behind a wall.

This hack is wall hacking, while aim hacking is a cheat where the mouse automatically selects the enemy. While using this cheating software, the player will win the battles easily, but he will be prone to get his device hacked.

Best PUBG Games Cheats

If you are someone who would prefer to play PUBG a little fraudulently, you should take risks.


You require BP and UC to buy items and proceed in PUBG. So, PUBG UC Cheat sites have software that can do the job. Some websites ask for your mobile number others do it for free. It’s up to you, but be vigilant, as many of these websites don’t work after some time. When someone comes across a legit site that’ll work, people will mention it in comments or youtube videos.

PUBG Money Cheat 

Pubg money cheat, commonly known as UC and BP cheat, is the one we mentioned earlier. The amount other gamers give, for money or free, is transferred to your account.

PUBG Silver Cheat

There is no such applicable PUBG Silver cheat. You will find many channels and people giving tips for silver cheat, but they are making a fool out of you. So, the best is to avoid such scammers that say they cheat PUBG silver. Such hackers can ask you for passwords and even retrieve money via mobile payment.

PUBG Outfit Trick

One of the most hyped cheats in PUBG is the Outfit trick. But to burst your bubble, there is no such trick, and as per the company statement, you will face a 10-yr ban on PUBG if you try such a thing. 

Final Comment

It is possible to take advantage of cheat software, but the company calls for action against such activities. To keep yourself from getting banned, you need to find cracked files. However, if it gets clear that you have done this, you face a 10-yr ban. PUBG Mobile cheats are an easy way to win easily, and we have compiled the best ones known to our knowledge.

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