We all are well aware of how huge the gaming industry is. Super Mario on Saga and Snake on Nokia days are long-lost history now. But thanks to the latest technology, now you can play almost every type of game on your Mobile, did we mention Free?

Here is a quick list of the most trending mobile game genres:


One of the most popular genres on a mobile platform is the Action game. Ideally in such games, the players have special powers or gadgets to play and must go through various stages or a certain number of wins to upgrade their resources and move forward to the next level. They may include some sort of war game or player is on some kind of battlefield to score. Luckily, you can find many built-in action games on DonGamers App has many exciting Arcade games


Oh did we mention our personal favorite yet?

The most trending and easy to play games on mobile are arcade games. In these games, if a player loses, he can always restart or resume the game with the help of a new life option that can be earned through various bonuses, power-ups. Mostly these games are quick and have hundreds of levels with a linear difficulty level. 


In comparison to others, this genre is fast-paced, multi-player, and competitive where two or more individuals or teams compete against each other to reach the target first in a given time. Usually, there are certain gaming advantages involved in such games. They are also commonly known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).


This one needs a brain, or let’s say common sense. This genre usually has an easy logic, quick puzzle or scramble words kind of games. Very easy and exciting that can release your mental block in a minute of playing. Mostly these games are informative as well. We think elders love them the most.


One of the most popular nowadays is racing games. You know everyone still wants that “Need for speed” feel. But usually, for mobile games, these racing games are made fun and a little colorful, sometimes cartoon cars as well. They typically involve a target such as collecting coins or following rules or avoiding pedestrian crashes. They are fun and mobile-friendly.

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