Could your Child Make Money by Playing Games?

In early times kids used to play games for fun, but now, kids have become smart as they have fun and earn money by playing games. Thanks to the crypto-based investments and potential earning Games, also called play-to-earn games. Yes, this is already a thing.
Games such as Axie infinity, Splinterlands, and god’s unchained have changed the view of kids towards games. The games in the past had an in-game currency that held no value in the real world, but crypto and NFT made the in-game currency very valuable in the real world. People trade skins, characters, and lands, for $1000’s. But the question here is, Should children be engaged in it? Is it safe? Should you navigate these to your child?

Play-to-earn games for kids

Play-to-earn crypto or NFT games are blockchain-based games. These games allow users to generate a good amount of money. The chief difference between play-to-earn and traditional games is that play-to-earn allows their users to cash their in-game valuables. Blockchain also enables one to make secure digital wallets that can hold real value, and NFT can have value for in-game assets.

god’s unchained

Free to start, this card game is just like Hearthstone but with the difference that the cards hold real value. These cards are available on the blockchain. Players can trade cards, sell, and buy them for ETH or any other cryptocurrency.

Axie Infinity

This game requires $110 to start. Axie Infinity is the best combination of Pokémon and Tamagotchi. The furry, cute characters called Axie are very precious. Players can use these Axis to win battles, trade, sell, and earn SLP. This game is the most popular one in the category of play-to-earn games.


Splinterland is another card game but with a little fantasy twist. In Splinterland , you can collect and battle with monsters on the card. These monsters are represented in NFTs and can be traded or sold for various cryptocurrencies.

Some cons of play-to-earn games

Don’t lose yourself while playing these games, as play-to-earn games can be very addictive. Also, understand that the crypto industry is still new. So think and research before you invest in any game. Another thing to look for is hackers. Play-to-earn games are prone to hacking, as these games hold a large number of cryptocurrencies. So, make sure the platform you are using is well-reputed.

Should play-to-earn be your child’s first paycheck?

If supervised correctly, the play-to-earn model can assist your child’s management of early money. As a parent, you should encourage your child to invest in something which can help them learn skills that will add to their moral values. Children can play other easy mobile games that can help them earn money. Just keep an eye out as the internet has a darker side too. The complete details about play-to-earn games are available in other blogs on our website. If you want to know more, hop onto our website’s blog section.

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