Life Lessons That, Can Be Learned From Gaming

Gaming is a great way to have fun and relax your mind. Gaming does not always get positive reviews, blamed for inducing violence and anxiety, etc. Although it does sometimes but in my opinion, gaming can also nourish your life with some worthy lessons.

Life Lessons From Gaming

While many people have second thoughts about what role games have in our lives, some have acquired long-term friendships and lessons too. To get an idea, we have the example of Nicolas Cole, an awkward teenager fighting celiac disease who has become one of the most experienced players of Warcraft in North America.  

In this article, I will be jotting some experiences gained by Millenials that the older generation can’t understand.

Facing Challenges

The main selling point of buying or playing games is to get a platform to help yourself grow past your current abilities and level up. So, gamers are skilled in defying obstacles and gaining new skills by playing games and having fun. They get so familiar with the problems that they see a problem but not as a burden.

Goal Setting

Keeping in mind that everything in a game is well-calculated, people who have played games can keep track of their growth in life. We have seen that games have levels, experience points, and gold you have acquired. All these details allow you to keep track of your growth in games building a sense of keeping track in real life.

Routine (Daily Quest)

People who are into gaming realize how routines build down the road. In games, there are daily quests that you have to complete to win daily rewards. If you skip it, you will miss out on the award. So, gamers include some daily habits in their life which build over time. Games make you learn that it is a sacrifice for sudden satisfaction for the glorification of the future.

Gaming has been an all-time fun source for people around the world. But what does this platform brings to the table? Is the real talk? Gaming helps you to focus on your goals in real life too. In gaming, when you achieve a goal you either don’t get attached to it and stay focused on achieving more and your growth curve continues to increase or you get attached to it and you stop at that point.

Being DonGamers a one-stop gaming platform ourselves, we believe that gaming can teach you a lot more than just earning rewards. It teaches you to remain calm when you are not winning in life and strive for betterment. But at the same time, stay humble and focus on yourself rather than showing off and boasting about your achievements. Leaderboards are a great example to quote this statement here

β€œWork Hard In Silence and Let Your Achievements Speak For You”

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