The Battle Royale game mode is not only a simple but a very popular genre grabbing the attention of millions of gamers across the world. The concept of extreme survival skyrocketed among the anonymous millionaires leading to the development of popular Battle Royale games like Fortnite, Players Unknown Battleground and Call of Duty. The interesting success among these warzone game modes is not about the game mode or killing the opponents in purely fiction circumstances, but drafting the survival thriller in a real-life inspirational environment. The thrill to be in a real inspired infrastructure or place contributes to heightening the instinct senses of players and making them more excited. With more than 100 people sky diving from the plane with a parachute and venturing into the battlefield island with guns and weapons create a salivating experience for the players, especially incorporating an enormous real-world map.

PUBG inspiration

Pubg has an enormous fan following. Little do the players know that the mastermind behind the game “Brendan Greene” took the inspiration for developing the game from real-life locations and maps. Greene combined his passion for traveling and photography with tech organization Day Break and created battleground drama and excitement in real-time landscape games. Take an instant the famous hot drop location of Chernobyl Russia. It is among the most crowded place on the Pubg virtual map. Sosnovka Military Base is another example of a real-map in a virtual world that connects the mainland via two bridges. The real local is Duga Russia that provides a wide array of mini bunkers and radio towers. Moreover, the iconic church of Pochinki is another most crowded and visited place in the game. The inspiration is taken from Starry Kedomn Church in Russia.

Call of Duty Inspiration

Another masterfully crafted game is Call of Duty that revolves around the real infrastructures and showcases amazing iconic gaming infrastructure models for warzones. Donbas Arena, Donetsk Airport and Tower, Donetsk bank and Ukrainian Parliament and iconic metro supermarket Donetsk are few examples. The massive players ranked on the Call of Duty identified that COD: Warzone Verdansk is heavily inspired by Chernobyl and Donetsk landmarks.  The key landscapes allow the players to keep the playing feeling and excitement. The massive warzone’s map of CoD is not the only eye-catching feature. CoD created a whole new map based on WWII. CoD Vanguard presents the real WWII experience and scenery to break the human imagination and create thriller from real global event.


The battle Royale approach is not only cultivated but is also ingrained in the competitive games. This allows players to have a sense of heightened curiosity and suspense. Long gone are the days where game approaches were associated with the shooting genre with no real stimulation or emotional buildup. The competitive genre roar with rapid growth and success with Battle Royale genre resulted in 500 million players being emotionally vulnerable, stimulating the excitement with well-suited narration and streaming. The players are motivated especially on physiological and intrinsic factors of safety, self-actualization and belonging. Battle Royale games, thus frequently become a massive success among the gaming industry and hold a stable future with growing revenue. However, while PC and consoles games are changing, the Battle Royale Genre and performances are revolving the mobile phone with more staggering numbers as well. Android and IoS mobile games edge on an impressive upward trajectory and roughly brings billions of dollars in revenue respectively. There is no doubt that Battle Royale games have a profound impact on e-Sports and the epic games combined with real inspiration become even more successful. 

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