Tesla’s ‘Optimus’ Humanoid Robot, Unsolicited Review

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed the much-awaited prototype for its first-ever humanoid robot. At the 2021 Ai day, Elon Musk announced that the most extensive company known for electric cars would be making their First AI humanoid robot.

An electromechanically actuated, autonomous bipedal humanoid robot. After a lot of hype, this Tesla bot or Optimus robot appeared in its preliminary version at the Silicon Valley event this year on 30 September. It waved at the people and raised its knees on the stage. But according to most people, the hype was just the hype.

Optimus Humanoid Robot

While not all things are wrong with the Optimus robot, everything that Elon demonstrated on stage was exceptional, but those were not uniquely right.
People were hoping for more of what has been provided by Tesla.

The humanoid robot isn’t exactly a disappointment, but a little chance that the Tesla Optimus robot would bring havoc to the robotics world, just the way Space X did for rockets and Tesla for electric cars.

Creating the Hype

In 2021 before revealing the Optimus, quoting Musk’s statement, attempted to create hype among people to set reasonable expectations regarding the prototype.

“I don’t want to make exceptional statements regarding humanoid robots as previously it was only a man disguised as a robot, but we have come a long way since then, and it will be awestruck for people.”

Now that the preliminary robot is out in public, It would seem right to say that Musk shouldn’t have set such reasonable expectations. Optimus came to the stage, and after a very brief demonstration, it left.

The presentation aimed to show how far Tesla has come. To hike up the audience, Tesla played a video where Optimus performed various tasks, from holding a suitable container to watering the plants.

Musk believes this prototype can do more than it did on the stage. Musk said that the prototype would be made in masses and cost up to 20,000 $. Mentioning these things, he also listed the facts that made the Optimus prototype different than other humanoid robots.

In a Q/A session, Tesla explained that the company is very expert at building AI and the actuators necessary for robotics based on drive units for electric cars.

He said that the difference between the Tesla bot and other humanoid bots is that Optimus is for mass production in millions of capable units. The team moved the non-walking bot off the stage behind him.

Design and Features

On the stage, Tesla motion captured people doing simple things like lifting a box, and then using inverse kinematics, Optimus repeated the copied movements. Optimus performed the task in a non-rigid manner using online motion adaption.

According to Musk, The Optimus will be a significant introduction to civilization. He continues to say that Optimus is inherent of two orders of magnitude regarding potential improvements of economic output.

Musk warned the fans not to expect too much from the preliminary design of the prototype and that the prototype has to be the most worthy product development for Tesla this year and is of the view that the prototype will be more important than the electric car business over time.

Future Applications

As far as future applications are concerned, they could include cooking, gardening, or even a ‘cat girl’ Musk claimed that production to start as soon as next year.

Tesla’s history has a lot of unplanned projects like a solar-powered supercharger network, battery swapping, or robotic snake-style chargers.

So, we don’t know whether the Tesla bot will ever come out as a complete functional project. But the Tesla company is where it is today because of Musk’s determination.

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