We all are aware of the fact that how the world is literally going digital with each passing year. From shopping to education, banking to investment, we have it all in the palm of our hands. Thanks to the internet and digitization.

90’s kids will understand us better when we talk about Sony Games and remember Super Mario Era. But now the world is changing, though video games (PC/TV/Console) are still what gamers with high aesthetics or graphics would consider, really no one got time for that special setup anymore, at least not daily.

There, that’s why now most of the games are being developed for mobile devices as well. We will share some amazing bits about the Gaming industry with you and show you what we are talking about.


According to the leading gaming industry insights platform Newzoo, the gaming industry has increased by half a billion players in the past three years, totaling 2.7 billion people globally. The report anticipates that more than 400 million new gamers are expected by the end of 2023. This includes console and PC gamers too but almost 56% of them are mobile gamers.



While the gaming industry continues to grow, here are the top 10 countries with the highest number of gamers around the globe.

Again, this is extremely different, since Dean could never have stated he didn’t want to appear in a film after his death because, uh, how would he have imagined that was even a possibility-but whatever. Finding Jack is still headed into production with an expected release on November 11, 2020, whether we like it or not.


According to the latest studies by Accenture’s, gamers are typically spending an average 16hrs a week playing, almost 8hrs a week watching or participating in game streams and 6hrs a week interacting in-game forums and communities. Social forums and interactive games is one of the main reason behind the exponential online gaming growth. Speaking of that the studies also showed that almost three-in-four gamers expect online gaming to be the primary part of their future gaming experience.


E-sports is literally becoming the next reality of the sports world. Video gaming companies held many E-sports competitions around the world and continue to do so in the future. This is giving video gamers an opportunity to earn some monetary rewards from their gaming skills. Some gamers have taken their talent to live streaming platforms such as Youtube, Twitch and others and have become professional gamers representing many games in their region.

But all of this is nearly 2% of the global gamers and only for the gamers that have a strong social media presence or are sponsored by companies.

The rest of the 98% of gamers merely play for their own fun or to pass some extra time in an engaging healthy activity, usually solo but sometimes with their gaming buddies on different games. 


Here’s what is unique about DonGamers. It is creating a space for these 98% not-so-professional gamers to play and earn cash rewards right away.

With more than 50+ built-in games, gamers from all age groups, gender can enjoy a variety of games without having to download from any other platform. So much for memory saving right!

Not only this,  it has daily matches and weekly tournaments on Battle Royale games such as PUBG, FREE FIRE, CALL OF DUTY and many more with instant cash rewards on them for each win. So no more waiting for annual competitions to make some CASH!

They have created their App in easy engaging format to enhance user experience.

But one might think is this some kind of gambling where we pay a price and win the rewards by chance? NO!
DonGamers is a gambling-free platform where anyone can have a fair chance to play and earn on games every time they win.

DonGamers is all set to launch its 2.0v on all App stores globally with amazing updates and features specially designed to address the needs of gamers for the first time in any mobile gaming App that will be shared with the world soon.

For more information on DonGamers visit and download the App to enjoy!

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