Gaming in the Dark

Are you a gamer? Of course, you are that’s why you are here. But have you ever considered whether gaming in the dark is good or bad for your eyes?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a mobile gamer or PC gamer, but if you are looking at one object that is not moving while you are not blinking as often as you do otherwise, it’s definitely not good for your sight.

Besides that, let’s know more about it and why gaming in the dark is bad for you.

We all are aware that putting strain on the eyes is harmful to eyes, such as reading the dark. But when you play games in the dark, your eyes are constantly adjusting to one source of light that is constantly changing. This is particularly the reason that can impact your eyesight.

Often a question is asked, whether playing on the computer is worse than playing on mobile. But the actual reason is using the screen in the dark room. When the room is adequately lit, it balances out the light hence the strain on the eyes is reduced, similarly, a super bright room can only increase strain due to contrast lighting.

So, we believe as far as your eyes are getting the right light, good mood, and great games, you are good.

As we speak of great games, let’s give a little hint on DonGamers’ upcoming schedule.

DonGamers bringing Night Schedule for Games

DonGamers is adding some night schedules for the games. From live streaming on DonGamers Youtube Channel to games schedule at night, many interesting things are coming up.

As you all are already aware of daily giveaways on live streams, better rewards and much more competitive games are being scheduled for the coming days considering the demands of users.

The final schedule can be seen on DonGamers App, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Discord. Follow them to stay updated with the news.

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