Free Guy Movie Review: Ryan Reynolds Puts In His Comic Charm.

Ryan Reynolds is an NPC or non-playable character ready to do more than he was programmed to do. The Guy comes across the fact that he is not in the spotlight of his own story, instead just a sideline.

This action-comedy-packed movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery, Taika Waititi, and Utkarsh Ambudkar, is directed by Shawn Levy.
The Free Guy is a movie someone would watch because, why not.

Ryan Reynolds

We have Ryan Reynolds in it. Although it doesn’t maintain a constant pace throughout, Ryan Reynolds makes sure to be a funny guy until the end of the movie.

The movie starts as we land in the ‘Free City ‘ where a Guy puts across his day-to-day routine as he wakes up, gets a coffee, performs his job as a bank teller, and repeats it over the next day. This routine display makes clear that

The Guy is an NPC of a game titled The Free City stolen from an unreleased game, the life itself.
The characters Millie Rusk and keys are roaming in the free city, hoping to find the stolen code. Molotov (Millie’s character) comes across Guy, and he falls for her instantly.

They both team up to prove that Millie and keys own the game and that Antwan stole their code.

Free Guy Movie Script Analysis

Free Guy Movie

The plot smartly mashes up the shades of Truman Burbank in Ready Player One. He depicts the concept of ordinary guys and ordinary guys with glasses to showcase a parallel between powerful and helpless people in real life.

This move has successfully showcased an authentic reflection of the Real world in a video game. The story has elements that remind you that it’s not just a game you’re a part of but a movie.

The movie has a concept of a world full of HUD (Heads Up Display) with so much VFX-Play. The only thing that makes this video game movie different from others is the connection with the Real world outside

Star Performance

As far as the performance is concerned, it’s like no one other than Ryan Reynolds could not have done Free Guy, but no one apart from Ryan Reynolds could’ve done it better.

Even though we wish Guy to crack some R-rated jokes like Deadpool, he is limited to being a good guy. Jodie Comer sticks to her ground despite groundbreaking acting by Reynolds. She shows acting skills as she plays two similar roles inside and outside the game.

Joe Keery didn’t get a lot of chances to bring something to the table than being a sidekick to Millie. Taika Waititi proves why he can be as good as an actor as he is as a director.

He adds more quirkiness to his characters and makes them as funny as they could’ve been. Utkarsh Ambudkar fits very well in the role of Mouser and doesn’t look out of place for once.

Last Words

Ultimately, the Free Guy is a snack-munching, breezy video game that ends in the blink of an eye without creating much hype. The motto ‘ we can do whatever we want ‘ is incorporated well in the subplots of this movie. If you have watched Jumanji’s The Next Level and want to read our opinion, click on the link below.





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