Female Gamers & Their Role in Gaming Industry

Female gamers are on the rise. The number of female gamers in the United States accounted for 41%, making almost half of the gamers in the country. In Asian countries, the number of female gamers is much higher than in other countries.
48% of the Asian countries contribute to the total gaming revenue globally, having female players population of up to 40-45%. Female gamers have been increasing since the COVID outbreak. A stereotypical misconception that gaming is associated with males is false, as women contribute a good percent of the gaming population globally. Influencing the gaming industry, women are not only playing games but also taking part in developing and designing web and mobile games.

Female Gamers are Going to Rising

The ratio of female to male players was in favor of men, but the stats show that the difference in this ratio is not that big. Women have continuously levitated around 40% since 2006. And in the last decade, this percentage has increased to 48%. Another stat shows that 46% of game enthusiasts are women, including ultimate gamers.

Women contribute to 73% of the mobile gamers globally, with some specific gaming preferences and behaviors. Female gamers have high complexity than males. Females look for other things than men in video games, such as female avatars with revealing features, does not appeal to women. They go for a character that is much similar to them.

According to a study conducted at a US university, women like to play games to feel a sense of achievement by challenging themselves. Women also prefer to play in groups rather than individually for social reasons and to maintain relationships. Therefore the developers and publishers must understand the requirements of women by focusing on why women enjoy playing games and what genres they prefer and implement monetization models to increase the interaction.

Popular Game Genres Among Women

Psychological researchers state that gender impacts the choice of games that men and women play. Females like to play casual, family, and harvesting games. A survey by Opera GX stated that 61% of females prioritize adventure games, 57% like RPGs, 43% MMORPG, and 31% prefer strategy games. Casual games gain more popularity among women as they enhance women’s user experience. Fashion and home decor games are popular among female gamers. One of the most popular games among women is Lily’s Garden because they managed to attract their interest via game elements and marketing activities they used.

Making Games Engaging for Women

Since the corona outbreak, women have started spending time and money on games daily. A way to engage women with games is to include IAPs in the game and to provide them with the opportunity to create characters of their own. Developing female-friendly games is challenging, as many things need consideration to succeed in that demographic. Publishers should focus on understanding their target audience to engage, retain, and acquire. Women are on the rise in the gaming industry and are changing the landscape of the gaming sector globally.

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