Ways to Increase Esports Accessibility

The gaming industry is diving up, and people are becoming more aware of the privileges of having the comfort of earning money from their homes. People of all backgrounds are getting on the bandwagon to have fun and earn money.

The Esports industry showcases itself as accessible to people with physical disabilities due to its digital nature, but some issues have arisen as barriers.
The article will address some issues that act as barriers for people in Esports with disabilities.

Esports Making Venues Accessible

One of the most neglected things is the need for a completely accessible Esports arena that could be step-free for those unable to use stairs.

Making such a step-free arena accessible from the front door to the venue would be helpful for differently abled people.

Measures for suitable ramps, lifts, and availability of accessible toilets should be put first while considering a place for Esports.

Although every venue can’t accommodate such things, accessibility has to be the get-go to set the seal on which guests can get where they need to be as independent as possible.

Accessible Gaming Equipment

Another limitation faced by disabled people is the lack of approval to use adaptive equipment in Esports.

A report by Microsoft last year showed that almost 450 million gamers around the globe have some disabilities and rely on adaptive technology to play.

There is a consensus that adaptive equipment is not readily available for disabled people. A midway to enable everyone to take part is a must.

A certified list of equipment included in the tournament could be helpful, and finding a way to allow sections of equipment, in the long run, would enable diverse talent to compete. 

Accessible Online Content

As people with disabilities are stepping into the Esports world, it is necessary to eradicate the social stigma around treating them differently.

All participants must be given an equal approach to equipment, opportunities, and access.

Two Cents

As gaming is concerned, awareness of disabled people has increased, and game developers are adding more features to accommodate them.

However, most governments don’t know the pros of having an Esports industry and some existing rules that might hinder disabled gamers from advancing their Esports career.

Disabled people are also participating in and winning mega Esports tournaments.

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