TOP STARTUPS OF 2020 & 2021

While we are in a global pandemic business does not stop. 

A global pandemic couldn’t stop businesses and innovations in a time of need. Many companies acquired new practices and kept moving forward. Many companies came up with new business models while many entrepreneurs found amazing ideas for the market.

 In this blog, we will talk about trending start-ups. For now, we will share the top 5 tech startups of 2020-2021 that made their way out of the global chaos and economic uncertainty and turned obstacles into opportunities. Also, for investors, these are ideal startups to invest in. Let’s get going:


INK  is a software company that has come up with a unique idea to focus on the most important resource for any company, i.e. Content. It is a content technology company that optimizes content performance on search engines.

storytellers can take control of their search destiny.

In their words, they envision creating a world where “storytellers can take control of their search destiny.” In 2020 U.S search awards, INK was nominated for the best search software tool category. INK also secured the position of the finalist for the 2020 Content Marketing Awards.


With the astonishing advancements in artificial intelligence, it is becoming more challenging with time to identify deep fakes. The market needed a solution that could distinguish a stored asset’s authenticity and that’s where Attestiv came up with their solution.

Attestiv used AI and blockchain technology to assure the authenticity of digital media.

This could help the organizations to detect frauds and prevent them. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, spotting deep fakes is more challenging than ever. So, it becomes necessary to devise a solution that could discern a stored asset’s authenticity.

And that’s what Attestiv does. The company uses AI and blockchain technology to assure the authenticity of digital media. That way, it could help organizations with fraud prevention and detection.

Attestiv was recognized for their unmatchable efforts for the insurance market in 2020 insurtech 100 and many others.


DonGamers is a US-based E-sports mobile gaming App. It was founded by a passionate gamer in 2020 during the ongoing lockdown in the global pandemi. DonGamers provides an equal and fair opportunity to gamers to play and earn real money. An average mobile gamer spends 8hours on gaming (Statista). It’s high time to create a platform from where they can cash their time and energy investment. 

It is the only Gambling free gaming platform, providing 50+ built-in games in various categories. It has daily and weekly matches of top battle royale games that offer weekly rewards for the leading players and instant cash rewards on each game on every win. 

The App has built-in team management, chatting feature to connect gamers across the globe. DonGamers also provide a manage tournament service where you can create and organize tournaments for any game through them.

The app is available in android and IOS versions. With its built-in wallet, users can withdraw amounts anywhere in the world through multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Paytm, Skrill, Direct bank accounts etc. 

The gaming industry is one of the largest with the fastest growth rate of 10%. DonGamers founded this gap between gamers and the industry and addressed their biggest need, i.e. what monetary value. Addressing what they get being the ultimate consumer of the largest market? As per Newzoo, the global market size has grown to 2.7BN players.

DonGamers with its unique idea has already secured a million dollars in phase 1 of seed funding. It has been the top trending startup in the tech/gaming category on Crunchbase.

Their vision is to connect and to financially empower gamers around the globe on one platform specifically designed for the gamers to address their needs.


Koala, a French insurtech startup, aims to reinvent travel insurance. With the uncertainty of traveling in Covid-19, it is securing the insurance for travelers. 

It’s a data-driven product that proactively alerts travelers to any disruption and pay-out instantly. With no forms, no exclusions, no questions asked make it super user-friendly.

Koala has already secured more than a million Pound in their seed funding phase

Koala aims to grow bigger than just being a travel insurance provider but to become a permanent companion of you from the moment you leave the house till you come back home again.


WhenThen has created a no-code payment operations platform to streamline the payment processes of all merchants from any industry. WhenThen claims to autonomously orchestrate, monitor, improve and manage all customer payments and payments ops on its platform.

With the boom of digital/online transactions during Covis-19, WhenThen picked up this opportunity in equally accelerated E-commerce.

Founded in 2020, WhenThen has now raised $6 million, backed by European VCs Stride and Cavalry.

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