The world is full of gamers, and it is gigantic, to be honest. With over 2.7BN players around the globe (Newzoo), it’s growing exponentially at a pace of 10% per year. Thousands of games are uploaded on the app stores every month, the variety and options to play and choose your favorites are numerous. Its also becoming a source to earn money online and to have a career in gaming. Video gaming holds the biggest portion among all, but people now look for options that are accessible on their personal devices such as mobiles, tabs, etc. Therefore many leading games and upcoming game developers are now producing IOS, android versions of the games too.


Online game streaming is a whole new trend and a growing industry. Many players have opted for platforms like Youtube and Twitch for their online live streaming of games. This has provided them with the audience and opportunity to earn money, mainly through Youtube ads and sponsorships or branded content creation. But that’s hardly 2% of the gamers that are taking gaming as a profession.

An average gamer spends 7-8 weeks on mobile gaming but just to give the time, focus, and energy and in return earns nothing of monetary value. People look for ways to earn money online without investment and we got them covered.


DonGamers has developed one of its kind gaming platform on mobile. An App with over 50 built-in games, tournaments, and matches to play and earn cash rewards on games on each win. This is the first Gambling-free global platform where without any betting or payments. It is providing an opportunity to earn money by playing games.

It offers a variety of contests, tournaments, and daily matches to start with. Players get a chance to win extra cash rewards on topping the weekly leader board. The in-app currency is called DonCoins that is redeemable at any point by the user through an in-app wallet. Let’s see what kind of games are available on DonGamers:

Exclusive games

There is more than 50 exclusive built-in games on DonGamers App. They range from fun exciting puzzle games to shooting and adventure games. The games are built-in so you are really getting all these games in one App. Every game has cash rewards on it. You can see the contest level for each game to participate in the ongoing tournaments as well. All rewards are in redeemable DonCoins to convert in cash. Watch the exciting overview of DonGamers

Competitive games

PUBG, Fortnite, FreeFire, COD, you name it we have it. DonGamers offer exclusive solo and squad matches and tournaments on top Battle Royale games with Cash rewards. This is legit the only platform that lets you play your favorite games with your buddies with cash rewards without any betting or gambling.  

Sponsored games

There is a category for sponsored games by brands or companies with bigger and better rewards. This is a great opportunity for game developers to introduce their games or market their content to a targeted audience of gamers around the globe.

All of this in one App. Download DonGamers now and start Play-earning!

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