How to Earn Money by Playing Games

Ever thought of earning money by playing games? Yes! You heard right. You can make your pockets drip gold by just playing games online while enjoying your time, too.

Making money through video games is now more fun than ever. So for someone who plays the games and wins those, here’s the guide for it.

Earn Money by Playing Games

You don’t need to buy expensive, customized consoles, Xbox, or PlayStations. A PC, cool games, the internet, and some hands-on gaming experience to earn money playing games online

Get Paid To Live Stream


You can earn money by playing games online or offline and streaming them on big revenue-generating streaming platforms.

Some of the biggest ones worldwide are Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Here’s some insight into how the platform’s donation/tipping system helps by playing games and earning money.


Twitch enables its users to cheer by using bits. If you are a Twitch affiliate or partner, you get around $0.01 for every Bit viewers use while cheering up



The tip-generating source is their super chat. To earn money by playing online games and streaming. Your Streaming viewers can use tips to pin a comment for you in chat. They can also buy chat animations, with every buy, you get a cut. Making earning money online is a fun thing if you will put in the effort.


Facebook lets you tip via stars, a type which viewers could buy and send you, providing you 0.01$ each time. Another way to earn money online by streaming through Facebook is by fundraising and charitable donations.

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List of Online Money Real Games to Play

Some online games that let you earn some good pocket money are below. Download these apps to win real money.

DonGamers App
DonGamers App
  • DonGamers App
  • Paytm First Games
  • Qureka
  • Loco
  • My11Circle
  • Ace2Three
  • 8 Ball Pool

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