DonGamers has distributed 100s of Dollars in cash rewards

Meanwhile, you play all your favorite Batt

DonGamers players, its time to earn 100 of dollars every week.
From our weekly rewards, to our daily matches of PUBG, FreeFire, Fortnite & COD, Dongamers award real cash prizes on each win.

This is how you can win cash rewards on games only on DonGamers

How to Win Leaderboard Reward?

Step 1: Download our App

Step 2: Play any exclusive game on DonGamers

Step 3: Participate in games with tournaments

Step 4: At the end of the week, Top 3 players will win Leaderboard Rewards that are up to $100, you just have to keep an eye on that.

Result Announcement: On Monday, we announce Leaderboard winners on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Discord

Winner Announcement for 7th – 13th March:

PrizeWinner Name
$10Rehan King
$8Naseeb Mirani
$5Ahmed Shakeel

Prize Pool for 14th – 20th March:


Good luck for the coming week, Download now and earn cash rewards every day every week!

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