4 ways to earn money on DonGamers for FREE

Many people look for ways to earn money online for free. There are many ways but playing games to earn some real cash is one of the fun and easiest ways.

At DonGamers App, you can win redeemable DonCoins to earn money by playing 50+ games, additional rewards on weekly leaderboards, tournaments, daily matches, and much more, but here are 4 instant ways to earn money for Free:


You can refer DonGamers to your friends and earn 50 DonCoins per referral. With their built-in sharing options on multiple social networks, it’s just a click away. By sharing this App you are not only earning money, but with your friends, on DonGamers you can add them, chat with them and enjoy your squad matches on battle royale games like Pubg, COD, FreeFire etc. It’s a win-win.


DonGamers provides a daily opportunity to try your luck to earn free DonCoins. Spin the wheel and earn up to 100 DonCoins that appear automatically every 24hrs.


In DonGamers, you can not only play games but also create and manage your profile. Just by completing your profile on the app, you can earn 100 DonCoins.


Ever get rewarded for adding friends? Well, here is a chance. DonGamers provides an in-App Chat feature where you can add your friends to your buddies list and chat with them and stay connected always for matches and games. You can add as many buddies you like but by adding only 5 for the start, you get 50 DonCoins.

All of this and much more in one App. Download DonGamers now and start Play-earning!

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